FLECS 1.4.0-porpoise released!

October 4, 2022

On October 11, we have released a new version of FLECS! With the new version 1.4.0-porpoise you can now rate apps and see how others have reviewed them.

Further Highlights:

  • You can also run FLECS in a docker container. The image and all instructions are available on Docker Hub: https://hub.docker.com/r/flecs/flecs
  • Communication is key – that’s why the service mesh makes life easier with the C-API for publishing boolean values.

The complete list of new features can be found here:

Update FLECS on your device by simply running:
curl -L marketplace.flecs.tech/install.sh | sudo bash

Or install the latest version of FLECS on one of our supported systems for free!

Thank you for reading our news. Do you have any questions? Then contact us at any time. We are happy to help you!

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